In-home Caregivers near Vista Happy About Elder Law Clarification

New Legal Language Encourages In-home Caregivers near Vista

Elder abuse is a very serious and heartbreaking problem that causes constant worry to family and professional in-home caregivers near Vista. The California Senate is taking notice of this issue and is responding by adding clarification to the state’s legal code to better protect seniors from theft. The new language does not create new policy, but rather clarifies how judges should address theft from the elderly.

Change Would Reduce Confusion

Under California law, certain types of theft are considered more weighty than others: if an individual has three convictions of those types, any later conviction—even of theft as minor as shoplifting—counts as a felony with probable imprisonment. Right now, theft from the elderly is not one of those specified offenses, and judges vary in their treatment of it in this context. This inconsistency gives prosecutors difficulty when trying to decide how to bring senior theft charges against suspects.

A Victory for Seniors and In-home Caregivers in San Diego County

When the legislature adds the proposed language to the law, it will specify that elder theft is just as serious as the other offenses, which include car theft, burglary, and carjacking. In-home caregivers in San Diego County are encouraged to see our state’s leaders taking note of senior abuse with a single voice—there is no opposition to adding the language to existing law, so it should win approval quickly.

What You Can Do

The legal revision will simplify things in the courtroom, and hopefully it will also raise awareness and discourage theft from the elderly. The best way to prevent senior abuse, though, is to follow practical safety procedures such as monitoring elderly loved ones’ financial activity; being aware of any unusual phone calls or visits; and having a caregiver present in the house to discourage robbery.

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